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Doesn't really rock the prospect, but here's how you can counteract it with AC/DC.

Only available in German

My book is only available in German

The future is electric

After your interest in a rather unusual title, you will receive a few tips about the contents of this book “in no time at all”: It gives you background information on the topics of the energy transition and climate neutrality, which are often controversially discussed everywhere. So on topics that (should) move us all towards more initiative!


In here it says, for example: For example, how you can achieve economic and ecological benefits for your private household or company. So that your property and your mobility turn from pure energy consumers into the protagonists of your own energy transition. You will definitely also read surprising things about the historical development and the subsequent further developments of technologies as well as the calculable risks of “carrying on like this”.


Are you tired of all the back and forth opinions? I can understand. Maybe my book will be of interest to you. You will find out why if you now turn your hand back again, use your fingers and open page 142.

Autor Frank Hummel




Welcome to the credit side

About the question of debit and credit in the interaction of economy and ecology


The production and storage of green energy

Green energy sources and how we can sustainably use their immense potential


Green energy in the eyes of national economies

With attention to ecology and yet with a focus on a robust, prosperous economy


The importance of the energy transition for real estate

Becoming self-sufficient in energy supply and perhaps even becoming an electricity producer


The importance of the energy transition for mobility

Embark on the energy transition and become the owner of your own gas station at the same time


The alternatives are coal, gas and nuclear power

Why these can only serve as bridging technologies and are not an alternative to green energy


A look into the future

What sounds like science fiction is often reality, just not everywhere in the world


What's going on and what you can do now

A few interesting developments within the energy transition and applicable measures


The conclusion

Why I wrote this book and why this change only requires your motivation

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